6th Legion Vitrix

Based in York at the Legion Fortress units from this legion helped build the Antonine Wall. Previously based in Xanten on the Rhine they originally came to Britain to help build Hadrian’s Wall in 122 Ad and then were involved in building the Antonine Wall in 142 AD. They invaded Scotland with Septimus Severus in 208 AD

6th Legion altars and building inscriptions in Scotland ( click map to see more) By CC 4 from Romans Inscriptions of Britain


The Legio VI Victrix (the victorious) was created by Octavian in 41 BC, as a certified copy of Caesar’s VI Ferrata, of which it became the twin legion.

The Legion’s first battle was the siege of Perugia, halfway between Rome and Florence in 41 BC. In 31 BC, the legion fought in the battle of Actium against Marcus Antony and the queen of Egypt Cleopatra. In 30 BC it was moved to the province of Spain Tarraconense, where it served in the Cantabrian Wars (25-13 BC) which brought Spain under Roman control. The legion then remained in Spain for nearly a century, receiving the nickname Hispaniensis or Hispana. Some of its soldiers, as well as those of X Gemina were among the first settlers of Zaragoza (Caesaraugusta).It was transferred to Xanten on the German Rhine in 110 AD then moved to Britain by Hadrian in 119 AD.

The legion remained in Britain until the Romans left.


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