What this site is for

This site collects information on the Romans in Scotland from a variety of sources. I am interested in the topic and was frustrated that information is found across multiple locations held by multiple organisations with no overarching understanding of the context and sequence of events. This site tries to make it easier for me and for you.

My collection of stories on a website was started in 2017 when the BBC reported a Roman coin found in Orkney (this is the original site) I could not find information that explained what the Romans had done in Scotland so thought that over time I would collect information to get it clear in my head. There are many excellent organisations that do various things but there is no overarching book or website that puts it all together. Many years later and after retiral, I am still working on it.

The longer-term ambition is to connect with schools and communities focusing on material that makes our history accessible, and acknowledging the excellent work of professionals and volunteers across Scotland.

This site is for personal and educational use. No copyright infringement intended – I have worked hard to try and ensure copyright conditions are met. If I have not got that right please contact me if there is some term I need to meet or you wish deletion. I have looked over various copyright terms and attempted to meet them or ask for permission for use which is documented.