"Julius Agricola" by Zicon is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0. Taken in the roman baths in Bath, England.

Agricola Invasion 79AD

This page is still to be fully written – a work in progress. After conquering Wales Agricola went as far north as Inverness and his navy circumnavigated Scotland.

Agricola arrived in Britain in 77AD and set about subduing the Ordovices tribe in North Wales. His early military success was complemented by a fair and just peace whereby those who acquiesced to the Romans were treated favourably compared to the previous administration. He would send his troops into enemy territory harassing the locals then suing for peace under these favourable and just terms. Peace with he Romans then became the most favourable action. In doing this tribes had to pay tribute and hand over hostages to their future good behaviour.

In 79AD during the winter he made the new integrated tribes build temples, courts of justice and houses. The sons of chieftains were given a Roman education

In 80AD he ventured to the Tay and founded Ardoch

There is a great article on Wikipedia that details the life of Gnaeus Julius Agricola and his son-in-law Tacitus wrote about his exploits. You can read that for free in https://romansinscotland.com/books/ He established the first line of forts in the Roman Empire called “the Gask Ridge” See the Gask Ridge project website.

There is more to come on the Navy , his forts and other material gathered. The Romans used the landscape to their advantage – look at the green areas below. The Navy transported supplies, the roads allowed quick movements of materials and men, the barriers and watch towers allowed control of those coming and going.

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