Here are some good free books and others with links to Amazon to buy them.

Free Books

Books to buy

I like the kindle as I can search for keywords across all books and take many books with me when I travel.

Probably the best book on Romans in Scotland
The African that conquered the Scottish Lowlands
Out of print – best to get it from your local library.
out of print so order from the library – Great photos of Gask Ridge
Every fort and Roman remain in Scotland listed
Not read this one
a short book with 70 pages
The life of a legionary – told in easy to read fashion
Another book that tells the everyday life of Roman citizens based on Vindolanda texts among others
Good to understand all the Roman frontiers as Hadrian’s wall was one of many.
A great book that mainly covers the British Navy – Classis Britannica
I never managed to finsih this one but it got great reviews…

Note the links above have an Amazon tag on them which means I get a small % if you buy them but it doesn’t cost you any more. Go to Amazon direct if you do not agree with this.

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