Hadrian’s Wall 122 AD

Hadrian’s wall was constructed in 122 AD and had troops from many countries stationed along it. The Emporer Hadrian inspected the wall in 122 ADAt its height, it is estimated 15,000 soldiers were involved. It controlled entry and exit into the Empire from Scotland. The Antonine Wall between Glasgow and Edinburgh was built in 142 AD and the number of soldiers on Hadrian’s wall was reduced. After the Antonine wall was abandoned around 165 AD Hadrian’s Wall once again became the barrier of the empire. The History of the wall on the Hadrians Wall Country website gives a lot of background.

Hadrian’s Wall is highlighted in yellow. Roads and Forts. Data from CC3

The Roman Empire was surrounded by barriers from North Africa to Germany to Hadrians Wall

Roman Europe at the time of Hadrian Andrein cc3.0


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