Licenses and Copyright

This site is for educational use and you may use any of my material in any way you like and I prefer if you attribute work. Note that work from other sources is still their copyright so read on for the legal stuff. I read the licence and terms rights and record these on this page.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

There are a number of external images used on this site and permissions granted have been noted below. I have also listed various copyright terms in case you are doing something similar. Where I am unclear about the copyright on an image I use Google lens to try and find the original.

Permission is sought before using any external work and no copyright theft or other immoral action is intended.

1. Photos from Legio VIII Augusta MGV Roman Living History Society Facebook page

“Hi Andy! That would be fine. Please link to our Facebook page. I suggest that you join the Facebook group ‘Dave at Legio VIII.” Dave is our photographer and has lots more pictures there. I’m sure he’d be happy to let you use them if you drop him a message too. Robin Brown”

2. Pictures of Roman Emperors from Daniel Voshart (Toronto)

“Yes, non-commercial sites can use the watermarked images without asking permission. Only commercial sites need to ask.
Whether or not you use the comparison images (on the left) is up to you. Those are not mine to officially redistribute.


3. Scottish Government LIDAR data

There is no limitation on public use and they ask that the following be noted “Crown copyright Scottish Government, SEPA and Scottish Water (2012).” Reference LiDAR for Scotland Phase 1 – DSM

4. Coin photo from Swandro-Orkney Coastal Archaeology Trust – says copyright acknowledgement

5. All photos are in a gallery and the caption has the license owner. Some featured images are missing the copyright caption because the image has been resized by the software – working on sorting that.

6. The National Library of Scotland allows the re-use of its maps according to this guidance

7. Historic Environment Scotland publishes their data under the Open Government Licence v3.0

8. Material from the BBC can be used according to his

9. Country Flag icons used in maps are free for non-commercial use.

10. Archaeology data service ADS Terms of Use and Access

11. Dr Toby Driver Royal Commission Wales

Tony the Trowel comic book strips about archaeology.

12. Alan R Braby Archaeological Illustrator (East Lothian)

13. Johnny Shumate (Nashville)

14. Marcus Wild (Vancouver)

“I’m an artist first and a businessman 88th so doing any of my art to get ‘rich’ has never been an issue.

All I need is that people, especially kids see my work and hopefully they are inspired to do likewise or at the very least are curious to find out the history behind such images. I’m a massive history buff, how could I not love everything Roman with a name like Marcus! “