Licenses and Copyright

There are a number of external images used on this site and permissions granted have been noted below. Permission is ought before using any external work and no copyright, licence or other immoral action is intended.

  1. Photos from Legio VIII Augusta MGV Roman Living History Society Facebook page

“Hi Andy! That would be fine. Please link to our Facebook page. I suggest that you join the Facebook group ‘Dave at Legio VIII.” Dave is our photographer and has lots more pictures there. I’m sure he’d be happy to let you use them if you drop him a message too. Robin Brown”

2. Pictures of Roman Emporers from Daniel Voshart

“Yes, non commercial sites can use the watermarked images without asking permission. Only commercial sites need to ask.
Whether or not you use the comparison images (on the left) is upto you. Those are not mine to officially redistribute.