Roman Peebles

(work in progress) The Romans used riverways to transport goods as this was the most efficient way to move large amounts of goods and established their forts and camps near fresh water. The Tweed and it’s valley was therefore an excellent thoroughfare for the Romans to penetrate Scotland,

Before the Romans

Scotland’s Celtic culture before the Romans was quite sophisticated with hillforts, chariots and metal working common. Celtic culture had spread across Europe and the Romans had battled Celtic tribes through France, Germany the low countries and England before coming to Scotland in 79 AD.

Example of Round houses at Innerleithen Hillfort as they may have looked
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Celtic hillforts around Peebles are on the interactive map below. Dating these forts can be hard and some may have been built after the Romans left.

The Roman invasions and military occupation.

There were three periods of large scale invasion and occupation – the French General Agricola in 79 AD with 4 legions went as far as Orkney and circumnavigated Scotland. The first forts in Peebles were established then. They would have been of turf and timber.

In 142 AD emperor Antoninus Pius ordered the building of the Antonine wall emulating his step father Hadrian.


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