Roman Shoemaking in Scotland

Caligae hobnailed shoe favoured by Army. copyright MatthiasKabel assumed

An examination of leather remains has found a few areas in Scotland where shoemaking was thought to have happened. Pieces of triangular leather, an offcut when making shoes, and other objects have been found. Three locations are Cramond, Elginhaugh and Inveresk.

( reference A comparative study of Roman period leather from northern Britain. University of Glasgow)

A leather workshop where shoes were made – all tools Roman

Shoes have been found across Scotland for soldiers and civilians.

left to right shoes from 80 AD, 90 AD, 100 AD, 150 AD were found near Melrose
a man’s, woman’s and a child’s shoe from Bar Hill, Kirkintilloch

The biggest collection of Roman shoes in the world is found at Vindolanda on Hadrian’s Wall where the soil has kept the shoes in great condition. Over 400 were found at one point alone and there were 12 shoemakers. There is a really good article here

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