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School Resources

This book by the National Museums of Scotland is a good primer. Click on the image below to order from Amazon

or from The National Museum themselves at this link.

School outings can take place in museums or Roman-themed play areas. Museums are free and listed below. Contact me if I should be adding any. Always check the website links for up-to-date information.

Museum Visits

Check out this museum’s map in Scotland of museums with Roman exhibits which you will be able to visit. Listed below are museums that detail their offerings.

Primary School

Secondary School

Online resources

The BBC has an excellent resource aimed at Primary children with 17 videos as part of People, past events and societies. This can be filtered according to age group.

The National Geographic Kids UK site has Romans Primary Resource Discover the secrets of the Roman Empire and Life in Ancient Rome – targeted at Scottish Curriculum.

The British Museum has a varied schools pack for Key Stage 2: Ancient Rome

These Antonine Wall comics have been produced for schools by schools.

The Antonine Wall website has a large number of online resources for primary schools and for secondary schools each area with excellent educational notes for teachers which are comprehensive. You can also go to Downloadable Resources Some examples of these are below – there are too many to link.

Edinburgh National Museum of Scotland – check out Digital Schools Sessions

The Glasgow Hunterian Museum has a number of online Antonine Wall Resources.

  • Latin is the Language of the Romans.  Watch this Learn Latin video to learn some basics for meeting new friends at Roman school.
  • It’s all about the numbers! Download Roman Numerals to find out about how the Romans used letters to make numbers.  Try out some sums Roman style.
  • Become a Roman Newswriter! Download Roman News Activity to learn about how the Romans shared their News and have a go at your own version.

The Melrose Trimontium Museum have a range of free downloadable resources and you should visit their page

Perth Museum have

The Vindolanda charity has published an online interactive game announced at Vindolanda Adventure: New free to access online game brings Roman fort back to life. The game can be accessed at

The Scottish Archaeological Research Framework (SCARF) have a Telling Scotland Story 15-page summary suitable for teenagers done with added graphics.

Telling Scotland’s Story

Mozaik Education offer 3D models and videos of the Romans – 3 free a week and subscription service otherwise. Some interesting material on Roman camps and military equipment.

LatinNow Teaching and Learning has various resources

Visits to Schools

The Antonine Guard can visit your school in full Roman dress ( for a fee). Their website at says

The Antonine Guard have been re-creating history in schools for many years and have a number of members who specialise in school talks for children. We can normally cater for all years from P2/3 upwards and into S1/2, and can usually tailor the presentation to the requirements of the individual school.”

Other School Resources

The Heritage Resources Portal from Archaeology Scotland has a lot of interesting material.

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