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The Batavians (Dutch)

The Batavians were stationed in Britain in 80AD and fought for Agricola. They were present on the Antonine wall at Bar Hill and Old Kilpatrick as well as Castlecary They were also stationed along Hadrian’s wall at Carvoran and Carrawburgh. They were a Germanic tribe who lived around the Dutch Rhine delta. Renowned for horsemanship and the ability to cross rivers in perfect formation and take part in amphibious operations.

In the “Roman Manuscripts from Carlisle: The Ink-Written Tablets” the Batavians around 93AD were 500 strong in horses and 669 bushels of barley and 267 bushels of wheat were ordered.


Image and self-image of the Batavians from Ethnic Identity and Imperial Power: The Batavians in the Early Roman Empire on JSTOR

Antonine Wall Legions & Auxiliary Units

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