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The Nervians – Belgium

  • 1st Cohort of Nervians served at Birrens near Carlisle
  • 6th Cohort of Nervians served at Rough Castle on the Antonine Wall

The 6th Cohort of Nervians came from Belgium around the Brussels area and served on the Antonine Wall at Roughcastle.

The Nervii came from the region between the Scheldt and Meuse rivers where Brussels is today

They moved to Great Chesters Fort on Hadrian’s Wall after serving on the Antonine Wall.

Altar to Victory from 6th Cohort of Nervians found at Roughcastle and now in Edinburgh’s National Museum

The altar above reads

VICTORIAE – to victory

COH VI NERVIORVM – the 6th cohort of Nervians

CC FL BETTO LEG XX VV – under the acting command of Flavius Betto, centurion of the 20th Legion Valiant and Victorious

See RIB 2144. Altar dedicated to Victory


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