Trade and Roman Influence

Franch Samian ware found across Scotland After the Romans arrived.(The Portable Antiquities Scheme/ The Trustees of the British Museum / CC BY-SA (

The Roman military occupation of Scotland required interaction with local people. No Roman town was ever established in Scotland and trade was on a basis of supporting the occupation army. One Roman technique used to keep the peace was to buy off local chieftans with goods and status.

A detailled study of Scottish settlements gives some insight as to Roman influence and a number of chnages to everyday life for Scots is known from excavations of Scottish sites. (Wilson, Allan. “Roman Penetration in Strathclyde South of the Antonine Wall: PART TWO: ROMANIZATION.” Glasgow Archaeological Journal, vol. 20, 1996, pp. 1–40. JSTOR, Accessed 21 June 2020.)

Very few coins have been found which suggests that trade was no in coinage. What has been found is pottery from France, glassware, bowls, utensils and other household items that may have raised the status and improved the lives of natives Scots. Jewellery is also widespread with Roman glass bangles , beads and such like. Finger rings, clothes fastners, sword blade tips, mirrors. Chisels padlock bolts, drills bits and other tools were all introduced.

Roman Glass Bangles Linda Spashett (Storye book) / CC BY

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