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The XX Legion

The XX Valeria Victrix legion was one of the four that invaded Britain in 43 AD. They were stationed at Colchester, Chester and then Carlisle from where they invaded Scotland in AD 78-84. In Scotland, they built the fortress at Inchtuthil the most northerly Roman Legion fortress in the Empire. They again returned to Scotland to help build the Antonine Wall in 142 AD

The legion emblem is a jumping boar.

CC BY-SA 3.0vis vilkår

They continued to be stationed in Britain for 300 years with occasional postings abroad and helped build Hadrian’s wall.

The Legion was initially stationed in Chester and a tombstone there has an image of what one of the legionnaires looked like. It reads “To the spirits of the departed, Caecilius Avitus from Emerita Augusta, optio of the twentieth legion Valeria Victrix, served 15 years, lived for 34 years. His heir had this stone made” He was Spanish from the city of Merida, named Augusta Emerita in Roman times.

By Wolfgang Sauber – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

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