Gnaeus Julius Agricola 78 AD

Agricola was born in the south of France and educated in Marseille. He was made governer of Britain in 77. He conquered Wales and northern England and in 78 invaded Scotland.

In the map below showing his campaign Eburacum is the Roman name for York and Inchtuthil is the biggest Roman legionary fort in Scotland to west of Blairgowrie.

By myself – Tacitus’ The Agricola, along with the many published historical discussions of the campaigns, particularly Cunliffe’s Iron Age Britain, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Agricola built some forts were along what would later become the line of the Antonine Wall, while watchtowers were constructed along the Gask Ridge in Perthshire. Troops were withdrawn from Scotland in 90 to deal with a revolt south eastern Europe and it would be about 50 years before they returned.

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