Roman Roads of Scotland

The Romans built roads to help move troops around Scotland as well as occupy the soldiers stationed here as they spent most of their time not fighting. An interactive map showing forts and roads can be found here ( roads are faint red line – you need to zoom in)

describe how built

name roads in Britain

By Andrei nacu at English Wikipedia – Transferred from en.wikipedia to Commons by Gpedro. Mason (2001), p. 128. Valeria Victrix was based at Deva Victrix., Public Domain,
Dere StreetMId 1St Cent ADCorbridge to Cramond
Fosse WayMid 1st Cent ADExeter to Lincoln
Watling StreetMid 1st Cent ADDover to Wales
Stanegate1st – 2nd Cent. ADHadrians Wall Road

This site deals with the history of roads and tracks in Scotland.

Source: Old Roads of Scotland

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