Roman Military Units in Scotland

Detailed below are the units that served in Scotland from all over the Roman Empire

  • A legion is 5000 men made up of
  • 10 cohorts of 480 men
  • In centuries of 80 men
  • In squads of 8 men (to a tent or quarters)
  • Plus 300 cavalry
  • Auxilary units were attached to legions and took the name of the place they came from.
  • A baggage train usually accompanied legions, a smaller number after army reforms in 130BC when general Marius decreed soldiers should carry their own equipment.

Flavian Period

  • XX Valeria Victrix Legion – invaded with Agricola in 80 AD, built the legionary fortress at Inchutill and stayed in Britain for 200 years
  • VIIII Hispania Legion – the 9th legion who served with Agricola and were then transferred to Nijmegan. The fictional book about the lost legion and eagle of the 9th appears to be just that.
  • II Augusta Legion –
  • II Adiutrix Legion –
  • 1st Spanish Cohort of Spaniards served in Perth

Antonine Period

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