Roman Military Units in Scotland

Detailed below are the units that served in Scotland from all over the Roman Empire

  • A legion is 5000 men made up of
  • 10 cohorts of 480 men
  • In centuries of 80 men
  • In squads of 8 men (to a tent or quarters)
  • Plus 300 cavalry
  • Auxiliary units were attached to legions and took the name of the place they came from.
  • A baggage train usually accompanied legions, a smaller number after army reforms in 130BC when general Marius decreed soldiers should carry their own equipment.

Agricola Invasion (Flavian Period)

There were four legions in Britain during Agricola’s time and many auxiliary units

  • XX Valeria Victrix Legion – invaded with Agricola in 80 AD, built the legionary fortress at Inchutill, and stayed in Britain for 200 years
  • VIIII Hispania Legion – the 9th legion who served with Agricola and were then transferred to Nijmegan. The fictional book about the lost legion and eagle of the 9th appears to be just that.
  • II Augusta Legion – based in Caerleon, Wales
  • II Adiutrix Legion – based in Chester, England

Auxiliary Units

Antonine Period

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