Roman Coins and Trade

Roman coins have been found all over Scotland and give some indication as to where the Romans traded and lived.

In 2002 A Survey of the Coin Finds from the Antonine Wall was published by Richard Abdy (jstor login required) and lists all the coins found along the route of the Antonine Wall.

In 2003 The Society of Antiquaries of Scotland published Roman coins found in Scotland, 1971-1982 (pp 405-48) Robertson, Anne S which gives (academic) background to coin distribution.

The map below shows coins found relative to roads, forts and hills. Coins could be Roman activity or just trade with local people.

coins, roads and forts – data from Canmore and map from NLS

In Ireland a number of coins have been found and it is useful to compare what was a trading distribution with that of Scotland. The University of Chicago has a list of coins , dates and a map at Ancient Rome and Ireland.

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