Coming Soon

Roman legion on the move” by Denis Postle is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

So, after 5 years I have decided to get the site in some order for the future. Originally it was just for me and my interest but it needs to be structured for others.


To collect in one place the signposting of Roman material across Scotland to allow people to find interesting material in their locality and educate them generally on Roman life and its impact on Scotland. To allow professional groups to collaborate and co-ordinate activity for the greater collective whole.

Type of Visitor

Middle age plus person – casual interest in Roman history and impact on Scotland. Interested in visiting museums and perhaps walking or cycling to areas of interest. Military history and techniques of interest.

scholar – could be from primary age to university and content needs to be adjusted to age group. Lessons may fit in with the curriculum.

professional – will be interested in the latest research and others in the field. Probably new to Roman research


  • list geographical locations and create pages
  • gather material around items of interest for that location ( perhaps use tag “Falkirk” for all material in that area.)
  • work out a way of tagging it so they can see these items ( do I use geolocation plug in to do automatically)
  • reorganise menus and structure around geographical locations

collect school material and links from organisations so that it is on one page and perhaps sub-pages

  • create a list of resources for further research
  • create a list of academics
  • create a list of museums in Scotland
  • create a list of organisations

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